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 The Holy Servants & The Church

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Priest Mathias

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PostSubject: The Holy Servants & The Church   Wed 23 Aug - 22:51

When the Apocalypse started, nothing could have prepared the servants of God enough to fight Demons crawling from underneath their feets. Most of the personnel of the churches died the first couple of years. They were the first targetted, as their holy powers were lethal to most creatures. Despite their best efforts, they were wiped out before they could even start figuring out their own advantage towards those beasts.

Fortunately, some survivors managed to save some of their magic books and started teaching their own army of children how to use their Faith to free the world of those monsters. They taught them how to fight, altered them physically and successfully brainwashed them to sacrifice themselves for the sake of mankind.

Nowadays, it's unsurprising to know that not many of them are still around, or kept their sanity, but those that are still alive and sane are still fighting the good fight with abilities beyond what a human can do. They are often compared to the volunteer of the Werewolves experiment because of how they were altered by magic.

Most of them have a Holy Book with Holy Spells that use their Faith in God. They're healing and protection spells for the most part. They do not work on those doubting the Lord.
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The Holy Servants & The Church
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