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 A little bit of history

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Priest Mathias

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PostSubject: A little bit of history   Wed 23 Aug - 16:24

Everyone remembers the day the Apocalypse started but nobody knows what triggered it. Some say it was God's punishment because of their sins, others say it was the Devil who opened the gates of Hell and plunged their world into madness and chaos. What all the survivors know however is that nothing ever been the same since.

Twenty years ago, creatures existing only in fantasy books started appearing all around the world. Some rose from the ground, others came from the sky and some even were born from human hands. Entire kingdoms crumbled, cities burned, people died... And even in death, their tormented souls couldn't reach the Heaven's gates. In present days, people are scared to die, knowing that even Death will not be merciful.
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A little bit of history
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