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 The Memories of an Angel

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PostSubject: The Memories of an Angel   Sat 24 Mar - 15:26

The Beginning of Something New!

Serah sat near a pool of water as her feet soak into the soft sand within the water. She was whistling away as she combed her long brown hair. She was enjoying the light breeze that constantly blows through the trees near the little pond. She kicks her feet back and forth, letting little pebble of water dance up her leg and back into the pond. Her light blue eyes gleam with happiness, as she listens to the sounds of birds tweeting away. Her soft voice left a little echo among the trees.

"Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullaby
Back to the years of loo-li lai-lay
And I'll sing you to sleep and I'll sing you tomorrow
Bless you, with love for the road that you go."

She combed the last of her hair before setting the comb down beside her in the soft green grass. She looks over her shoulder at her long wavy hair that flows down to her midback. There were no knots from the harsh training she had to do early. Her shoulder was still stiff from practicing with a sword early in the morning.

"Hmm all done."

She moved her legs out of the pond and wiped the little dew of water that clings to her legs. A strain of hair fell on her face, which she quickly pushed behind her ear. She finished off rubbing the water from her legs and stood up only to bump into another angel.


She turned around to see a tall man with a goofy grin on his face. He had short dirty blonde hair and 3 pairs of caramel brown wings. He just chuckles at her misfortunate of bumping into him. She just huffs at him which made him burst into laughter.


Gabriel raises an eyebrow at her before he expresses himself by moving his hands in the air for a second. Then a giant smiled formed on his handsome face.

"The one and only. As much I like to chitchat with you. Micheal is looking for you."

She groans at him and runs a hand through her newly combed hair. Her hands were still a little wet which left her hair pulled by from the water clinging to it.

"I am on break."

Gabriel chuckles at her forgetfulness and taps his wrist.

"Ser, you break ended 5 minutes ago."


It only took her a few moments to fly over to the huge palace that all the angel live in. She had left Gabriel to whatever he wishes to do. She remembers hearing him chuckle and call her clumsy as always. She shook her wings before folding them gently back. Serah rushed to the main battle room and pushed open the two giant doors. Micheal stood there in full glory. His long blonde hair swept to the side. His piercing aqua eyes were focused on a map before him. He stood much taller then Serah and was well-toned like many of the male angels. He was decked in beautiful gold armor that glimmer in the forever sunny day of heaven. His golden wings were folded on his back, but they too glow in the light. She heard him put a mark on the map with a glowing light. He looked up and gave Serah a quick smile.

"Sorry, I am late...I lost time and-"

He waved his hand silencing her, before the motion for her to come over with his hand. She followed over to his side, which he then points at the map.

"I have your first mission."

He outlines Ireland with a glowing white light and then moved his hand, to show her the map. It was her village from a long time ago, causing not only nolgastic feelings, but it cause grief in her mind to form. He was cold toward her feelings though, that was Micheal. He was straight-forward and followed what father said as law. He was a great leader because of that. After Lucifer fell, he had gotten more strict. It made him a good teacher for her though.

"What do you wish me to do?"

Serah was overly excited to finally be able to do a mission. Micheal shows no sign of any emotion from her excitement, instead, he points over to the map.She moved to the side of the map, where a map laid to rest against the only bare part of the wood table. He picked it up and handed the scroll to her. She took it into her small hands and looked up to Micheal to started to explain to her.

"You will be going to Clifden. There a problem with a ghost at an old farmhouse outside of the town. I trust that you can deal with them in quick time. I do not want you to attract human attention. This is your first mission that will prove your ability as an angel of your status. You are dismissed."

She nodded her head before turning around and headed out the giant doors and back into the hallway.

"It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels."
Saint Augustine
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The Memories of an Angel
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