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 Sex with a succubus

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Priest Mathias

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PostSubject: Sex with a succubus   Sat 24 Mar - 1:36

He's walking in town, holding his trusted blades in his hands. His steps are loud in the deafening silence around him. It's in the dead of the night, his surrounding barely visible under the red-colored moonlights coming from above. The darkness around him gives his silhouette a darker intensity, because of all the dark dried blood on him. His coat is soaked in it, blood drips on the unevenly paved roads as he walks forward. His blades are stained too, giving the silver blades a dull color.

Being covered from head to toe with blood doesn't seem to bother the priest, however, as a giant grin can be seen on his face even in the darkness of the night. His pearly white teeth shine in the same way his glasses reflect the moon's lights.

There seem to be no human or beast in the vicinity, the town eerie quiet. It's all but an illusion and the blond man knows it. He can smell their putrid stench in the air, even if he can't see or hear them.

The priest stops straight when he hears a sudden sound. He loses his grin, his face serious as he glance around. He can see something moving towards him. Mathias inhales loudly and grins once more, excitation pumping through his veins. Another creature to expel from this world.

He crosses his blades together, imitating the shape of a cross and moves forward to meet the creature half-way.

The more he gets closer, though, the more the putrid smell gets...sweeter. Like the aroma of flowers in spring. His grin gets smaller as he approaches, the flagrance starting to make his head dizzy. Something's wrong and he notices it too late as his eyes met the silhouette of a naked woman.

She gets closer and it's easier, at this distance, to get a good look at her; Her skin is completely white, devoid of any imperfections, bruise or scar. Her body is well shaped, skinny with no ounce of fat, but not all skin and bones either. She has a skinny waist but round hips and a bubble butt for an easy grab. Her breasts are not too big or too small, and her perky nipples are erect in the cold breeze of the night, barely hidden under her long black hair. Her legs are long, skinny like the rest of her, but with strong thighs.

Mathias can't help looking between her legs as she walks towards him, in all her glory. Her vulva is shaved clean, like the rest of her body, but most importantly her genitalia is dripping wet. The priest swallows slowly and his gaze raises to meet the succubus's stare. She grins knowingly, aware of how her beauty affects men. Her wings seem to shiver in anticipation as she gets closer to him.

Before she can touch him, the spell is broken and Mathias turns around, and start running in the opposite direction. No use fighting It, he knows he will lose.

He can hear the succubus scream in outrage behind him but he doesn't even risk glancing at it, knowing what it does to him.

Unfortunately, Mathias feels his legs stiffening as he hears her hunting him down. He can almost hear himself thinking how it would be better to wait for her to catch up, and he's scared. He's afraid of this desire mounting inside him, a desire that can cost him his life - and the sudden realization that he actually doesn't care at all if he dies tonight.

He hears the distinct sound of her wings cutting the air, her screeches ringing painfully in his ears. He let go of his blades and he knows it's stupid the minute he does, but he covers his ears with his gloved hands, clenching his jaw.

Her screeches are painful not because of how loud they are, but mostly because they cut deep inside him, like someone squeezing his heart in his chest. He can't feel himself breathe until he stops running away.

Mathias doesn't realize immediately that he stopped running, and the minute he does, it's too late. From above, she drops on his back, her arms immediately taking hold of his neck. Like a lover's embrace. She kisses frenetically his sweaty neck, to not lose her influence on him, and to Mathias it feels too much like desperation. He glances behind his shoulders, over her head and sees her legs hovering in the air. Her wings flutters, to keep her at his height. Her knees rest on his back, her weight like nothing to him.

One of her delicate hand takes a hold of his jaw and turns his face towards hers. Their mouth crashes together and Mathias doesn't know if she was the one to move first.

Her reptilian tongue enters his mouth, and it doesn't take long for their tongues to start dancing together, saliva dripping from both of their mouths.

Unfortunately, because of their awkward position, their hands can't roam freely on each other.

The succubus let go of his mouth and swiftly fly around him to stand in front of him. They resume their kissing, exploring each other's mouth, but this time they can touch the other's body. The succubus quickly fumbles around his shoulders, awkwardly trying to drop his coat from his shoulders. With a shrug, he helps her, both moaning in relief when the coat fall on the ground and her hands start unbuttoning his dark blouse. When Mathias starts touching her skin, however, he finds that it's not enough. He cannot feel her skin with his gloves on.

Mathias breaks the kiss and removes his gloves with his teeth, something the creature attached to his body seems to find particularly arousing. She humps the front of his pants, rubbing herself against the erection she can feel under his clothes and moans loudly. The liquid dripping from between her legs soaks the front of his pants as if the priest pissed himself. She kisses his neck again, her tongue lapping the old scars of vampire's bites still decorating his skin.

His hands grab her breasts and she whimpers at the feeling of his rough skin on hers. Mathias hands are covered in burns and its quite standing out against her perfect skin.

His fingers play with her nipples, and she moans at the attention. She tries to open his pants but Mathias stops her, one his hands forcefully removing hers away from his erection. He tells her, his voice rough from the lust;

''You're not going to make me come yet, I want to enjoy it.''

She doesn't offer an answer, simply moaning, not totally understanding what he's saying. She tries again to reach his fly with her other hand, but he grabs it too. He shifts his weight and makes them both fall to the ground, her under him. The road is made of stone and is quite uncomfortable, but she doesn't seem against this. His free hand comes back to her breasts and squeeze one painfully, something she takes pleasure in. His teeth find her nipple and he bites it, leaving an angry mark on it. The succubus legs open wide at this and she moans in bliss. The ground under her gets wet from her ''excitement''. Her wings stay completely still despite being crushed against the stones as if in her enjoyment she could care less if she could fly again or not after this.

"Violence is never the right answer unless used against heathens and monsters."
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Sex with a succubus
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